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Ritual Cycle

Excerpts from the experimental film project "Ritual Cycle"


Ritual Cycle

Photo Credit: Tanya Musgrave

Photo Credit: Tanya Musgrave

Ritual Cycle is a series of five experimental films that utilize ambient narrative to explore the concept of divine identity, including the ideas of the feminine divine, the genderqueer divine, and the divine as sibling, through five uniquely crafted rituals. In order to create this immersive, contemplative experience, the project was displayed as an installation, with five viewing chambers built to house the films. Ritual Cycle was a collaboration between composer and designer Scott Arany, stylist Heather Dappolonia, and myself. 

Below are film selections from the series as well as images and video from the installations.

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Ritual 1 | Mother Godde

'Mother Godde' is the first piece of the Ritual Cycle experimental film series. The film is an exploration of grief and loss through the eyes of the divine. It explores the concept of divinity as undeniably feminine and as a grief-stricken mother. Features: Tanja David

Ritual 3 | Bloddkin

Bloddkin explores divine identity through the beautiful and incredibly painful dance of hope. The darkest of the five rituals, the ritual of hope explores how difficult that emotion can be. Features: Poonam Basu and Angelina Prendergast.

Spring 2015 Installation - Level Ground Film & Art Festival | Pasadena, CA


Winter 2016 Installation - Astroetic Studios | Los Angeles, CA

Photo Credit: KC Slack

Photo Credit: KC Slack

Poster design by  Scott Arany

Poster design by Scott Arany